Is it Hard to Stick to a Routine for Back Pain?

pain relief schedule-routineCombatting back pain needs to have a regular routine, and consistency. But the hardest part is getting started. As I have said previously, you only need to do a few minutes of exercise every day. But when you time this exercise is crucial. It should preferably be before any kind of physical activity. The chances are, your household and daily jobs are not necessarily what our bodies are designed for, so you need to give yourself a warm-up in order to loosen the muscles, so that they are better prepared for what life throws at them.

And gently moving about every day will build up strength in your muscles over time. You’ll be surprised just how quickly this happens if you stick to a consistent routine and do it every day.

A friend of mine recently painted her house. This involved reaching up to the ceiling, and bending down to paint the skirting boards. The only breaks she gave herself were to eat meals. She then had back pain. If she had gone for a short walk and/or done 5-10 minutes of low impact aerobics before the painting AND taken regular breaks, she would not have suffered back pain.

You can apply this advice, no matter what you have been told your back pain’s cause is (apart from severe recent trauma).

Image by ASurroca on Flickr

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