How Diet Can Relieve Pain

diet for your back pain

One of the surefire ways you can reduce your pain, especially joint pain, is to eat an Alkaline-Forming Diet. This guy Yuri Elkaim is one of my favorite nutrition and health experts and although his book Eating for Energy (over on the right) is promoted as being for energy and weight-loss, it is an excellent […]

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Callanetics for Chronic Back Pain

callanetics back pain

I have been doing my Beginner’s Callanetics for years, which is an hour long video of special intensive exercises devised by Callan Pinckney. I would not recommend them without a warm-up beforehand. Just do the Mom-Dancing for a week or two before doing any Callanetics. Callan Pinckney is somewhat of a miracle lady. She was […]

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Gentle “Mom-Dancing” to Relieve Back Pain

mom dancing to relieve back pain

Yeah, the Mom-Dancing thing. You know the type; the sort you see every female at a wedding do (apart from the bride). Just gently bobbing up and down, moving your feet only tiny steps in front of you, alternately. Doing that for just three minutes to a suitable song on the radio every morning significantly […]

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Hello Back Pain Sufferers!

Well I’ve finally set up my Back Pain Relief blog, and I will be adding some coming great tips over the next few days. See the About page to learn more about me. And stay tuned. You do not have to suffer!

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