No-one Waits for the Back Pain Sufferer

There are many difficulties that back pain sufferers face on a daily basis. It’s not just backache people have to contend with. There are many frequent practical and social issues that arise as a result of having back pain. I just found this comedy video that I think sums up one of them.

I often used to have the problem the guy in this video has (no, not his massage therapist’s unorthodox techniques). Sometimes it seems the world is in such a hurry, and full of impatient people.


2 thoughts on “No-one Waits for the Back Pain Sufferer”

  1. Back pain is one of the problem that we are facing when we get older. We went to different doctors to look for the cure, but still it won’t be cured. Why we don’t try an alternative way to ease the pain? Alternative therapy is really best one to look for.

  2. Your video sums up what severe back pain feels like. Last year I spent my vacation hobbling around. Kidding aside, I have found that massage therapy helps!

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