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I’m Paula and I know what you are going through. Seriously. It’s horrible to be in so much pain.

I suffered with chronic back pain for 19 years before I came up with an effective pain management program. I want to share it with people as there is so much bad information around – especially online – about back pain, and all types of other chronic pain too.

In 2003 when my back was at its worst, I decided to research as much as possible into the causes of chronic back pain, and try to figure out how to relieve chronic pain. I was so bad on some days, I couldn’t even bend slightly to brush my teeth without being in agony.

To add insult to injury, work colleagues thought I must be exaggerating my pain, as I was only in my 20s and 30s – why would someone so young be in so much pain?

Chronic pain is of course invisible. When one work colleague told me she couldn’t believe I was in THAT much pain, I didn’t react too well to be honest! And even after I calmed down a bit, I told her I wished I could swap places with her for 60 seconds, then she would realize how unfair it was to say that.

Nowadays, I would have handled the situation differently, because I also used to be very miserable then. For years I felt sorry for myself too, and people hate that! They couldn’t understand what I was going through, and the fact I was miserable because I was in pain all the time, just made it even harder for people to understand.

Looking back I should have been more positive. We all know people, don’t we, who are really positive and friendly, even though they have adversity or illness in their lives? I could not understand how these people did it. But I was lucky; I learned what they knew and incorporated it into my routine. Changing my attitude really helped put all the other things into persective, and eventually I found a system that effectively managed my chronic pain.

It took years to devise! I would find stuff out totally by accident, that would help my pain. For example, I once had to do a lot of cleaning when I moved into a new flat. As I had a bad back, I put everything that needed cleaning on the kitchen surface, then used an old dishwashing brush to slowly and gently clean everything. I was in too much pain to do any vigorous cleaning!

The next day I felt great! And all I had done the day before was a couple of hours moving the brush in a continuous circular motion, very lightly. I now simulate that exact movement into my daily exercises in order to keep my back, shoulders and arms strengthened. But without the brush. And not for two hours! Less than a few minutes in fact. You wouldn’t think it, but even these tiny little exercises make a huge difference.

And I keep on learning new things all the time from personal research and trial and error. I learned tons of little cheats and hacks, so I was able to become pain-free.

Now I can touch my toes, do DIY around the house, bend, lift, play with my dog and her favorite pull toy, and do lots of other activities I could only dream of previously.

Having back pain is bad enough without having to go through clinical procedures and boring exercises as well. There are no difficult, gruelling exercises in my program, nor medieval contraptions. Just fun, easy, cool stuff!

I have read some enlightening books, with information that most doctors don’t know about. I discovered the real cause of chronic pain, and that I needed to change my attitude towards that too, if I was to get rid of my pain. I then developed a simple routine, which I now do every day for just a few minutes in the morning and evening.

And did you know that diet and sleep can strongly affect your pain? Most people have no clue about this stuff, and yet it is powerful enough to make the difference in helping you stick to an effective routine on your road to recovery.

I don’t claim to be able to rid you of your pain 100% of the time, and I don’t claim to have a medical qualification. But I do know exactly how to drastically reduce chronic pain enough to live a happy, comfortable, stress-free life. Then you can do all the things you wished you were able to, but never thought you could; those things that everyone else takes for granted. And I am living, breathing proof that this system works.

Most importantly this program is FUN!

For example, one of the things I do in the morning is dance. No, not back-breaking ballet or flying through the air; just ordinary – what I call “Mom-Dancing” to the radio.

So join in, and let me know what you think.

You can learn more about my story and how I stay pain-free in my Free 10 Day Course below.

See you soon


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