Does Acupuncture Work For Your Back Pain?

acupuncture for back painMy ex neighbor had acupuncture every two weeks for over ten years, and claimed it relieved her arthritis right up until her death at age 77.

I peronally tried acupuncture myself about 12 years ago, and although it was relaxing and didn’t hurt at all, it did not relieve my back pain. I thought I had given it a good chance to work, by going three times, but I can’t say it made a difference.

But everyone is different and many thousands of people swear by it. I can certainly understand the option to want to heal yourself naturally, rather than use medication.

The needles used release endorphins, the body’s own pain killers, and how many of these endorphins are released will vary from person to person.

Another elderly lady who recommends acupuncture is 80 year old Texan, Roberta Land, who has been showcased at See Coshandra Dillard’s article; Acupuncture: Precise Points, Body Balance for more information.

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5 thoughts on “Does Acupuncture Work For Your Back Pain?”

  1. RE sitting back pain/acupuncture/endophins release–Acupuncture is great but not a one-size-fits-all solution. Releasing endorphins through acupuncture might hush up the pain messages, but it would not correct possible underlying causes, See items 1-4, below.
    1.) Vicks Salve rubbed on knee joint skin gives me 100% painlessness in seconds, even with agony-level pain. (Not for use on children under 2.)
    2.) Back pain may be due to fluorosis aka skeletal fluorosis, with or without spinal stenosis, but it is always a fluoride buildup causing calcium deposits in soft tissues/ligaments caused by fluorinated drinking/showering water. (Sometimes the calcium deposition is caused by a magnesium and potassium deficiency compared to calcium sufficiency.) I take magnesium and potassium supplements to balance the calcium so it doesn’t deposit in soft tissues further but that doesn’t stop the back and joint pain. Only going off fluorinated water does. When on bottled spring/distilled water and reduced showering time–my back pain goes away. But when I drink tap water and take long showers with water having chlorine and fluoride in it, severe back & joint pain returns. Tried this several times–it panned out.
    3.) Acupuncture isn’t going to stop a pinched nerve from being pinched by a bone out of place. A competent chiropractor or Osteo-Manipulation Therapist can. Releasing endorphins won’t fix this problem.
    4.) I NEVER take aspirin or ibuprofen or any of the other NSAIDs. Other sources state that aspirin/NSAIDs make pain worse later on by helping destroy collagen in ligaments and tendons–and damage liver and other organs too. I can’t believe that Paula, on the link that brought me here, said she takes ibuprofen for pain. Get a clue!

  2. Thanks Trudy,
    I will try the water trick you use next time I get pain. Actually my “heat hack” works with or without applying Ibuprofen gel, and I never use Ibuprofen pills. The gel has always quickened the process and relieved the severe sharp neck pain for me, but thanks for your comprehensive comment. I am learning more every day.

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  4. When typing at a computer, think about how you are sitting.
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